Daniele Di Girolamo

Correct ways to misunderstand
2022, solo show, Traffic Gallery, Bergamo, curated by Leonardo Regano

with a contribution by Francesca Marcaccio



The work starts from a period of research on-site during the protests taking place in Hong Kong, while I lived there for three months (Sept-Nov 2019). It does not want to talks about the protests, but it tells what arises from the linguistic, cultural and interpretative mismatch of a foreigner related to the landscape of the protests: of what is heard, of what is seen, of what has not been understood. Each work within the project arises from these gaps that offer fertile ground for new visions and interpretations.

Cockroaches breathe loss and care

2022, molded metal, aluminum oxide sandblasting, molded pvc, approx. 90 x 25 x 40 cm each

Everything is nothing hurt

2020, Towel colored by a Police Blue-Water Cannon, embroidery of a sentence of a protester, iron stand, approx. 156 x 36 x12 cm


During the 2019 Hong Kong protests I picked up a towel from the street. With that towel a protester cleaned himself after being hit by a blue water cannon used by the police. That Blue Water colored the towel. Embroidered on it is a sentence from a local protester who was trying to explain the protests to foreigners with incorrect English, triggering misunderstandings.

Umbrella life tips

2020, speaker, audio recording of a demonstrator and umbrella handle from the protests, 100 x 12 x 50 cm

A speaker is installed to  an umbrella handle collected during the Hong Kong protests (2019). The audio track is an extract from the recording of a demonstrator trying to explain the protests to foreigners. The sentence says “Why control everything?”.

You look like rain

2020, automated rain sticks, fragments of glass and stone from protests, 74 x 100 x 6 cm each


Several fragments of glass and stone were collected during the 2019 protests in Hong Kong. The fragments were placed inside hollow cylinders that, by rotating, make the fragments collide, generating a sound similar to rain. The main motto of the protests “be water” ( or the strategy of rapid adaptation to circumstances as an adaptable fluid) is interpreted literally, creating these rain sticks.



How to Be Weather

2023, Inkjet Print on Paper with White Wooden Frame, 120x90cm