Daniele Di Girolamo

Sky Above, Sea Below

2019, Sculptures 3d print PLA plastic, calcium carbonate, aluminium holder and PVC tanks, speakers, water, amplifier boards, cables


The work investigates the relationship between the landscape and the elements that are part of it, focusing mainly on the morphogenetic action of sound in the creation of these relations. The floor is occupied by fourteen tanks containing water reacting to a sound coming from the speakers underneath each of it. The aerial space is occupied by seven sculptural elements obtained through the digital hybridization of virtual solids and the same sound, treated in mono, emitted by the tanks. The result was solidified through 3D printing.


Sky Above, Sea Below is a collaborative project by Daniele Di Girolamo and Manrico Pacenti showed at GALLLERIAPIÙ, Bologna

Photo by Stefano Maniero